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what is the Golf Umbrella

Time: 2016-03-18

The most distinctive feature of golf umbrella is its large size of 25 to 32 inches, compared with common walking stick umbrella of 21-23 inches. It is the largest umbrella we can hold by our hands.


Golf umbrellas are often more particular about the choice of materials. Fiberglass is the usual material for the frame, because it has better flexibility and is not broken easily by strong wind. The fabric The common fabric used by golf umbrella is the material of middle or upscale grade such as silver coated nylon or 190T pongee. The fabric is more neat so that the rain drops down in a quick way. And the silver coated nylon fabric is anti uv, bringing cool to people under them. Golf umbrella handle is often EVA, which is soft. It also uses plastic or wooden umbrellas handles, but it is best accompanied by a rubber handle, moderate hardness, very comfortable in hand.


The common styles of golf umbrellas are straight manual open golf umbrella, or straight automatic golf umbrella. There is also two fold golf umbrella. But it also has disadvantages. Because the umbrella is very large, it is hard for people to have a stable hold if there is a gust of wind. The problem now has been solved through more user-friendly design. The double layer design with vent on the top makes the wind pass through so decress the force wind brings.


Due to golf umbrellas outstanding characters of good quality, nice shape, good cover of sun and rain, they gradually gain their popularity among people. Luxury hotels, upscale clubs, residential villas and so on began extensive use.