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Who invented the umbrella?

Time: 2017-11-28

Who invented the umbrella? People have different opinions.

Some people say that the Egyptians used umbrellas most early in the 1200 B.C., when the Egyptian nobles went out,attendants would opened the umbrellas for them.

In fact, China is the hometown of the umbrella, as early as 4000 years ago, the umbrella was appeared in China. According to the historical records, the earliest umbrella called "lid". The old umbrella made of silk.After the invention of paper,umbrella's material was paper.With the development of the umbrella,it was not only used to keep out the rain, but also can shade the sun. The umbrella was called a "movable house" at that time.

The invention of the umbrella is accident?What is the story? It is said Luban's wife Yun also a skilled craftsmen. "Yu Xie" also notes that she is the inventor of the umbrella,and the first umbrella was made for her husband,when he went out for build a house.

Now, the types of umbrellas also become more diversify with people's needs, such as golf umbrellas, folding umbrellas, fan umbrellas, and so on, it also bring people much convenience and fun.