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Who invented the umbrella first?

Time: 2017-12-22

The article entitled "History of Umbrella in the Smithsonian Museum" in the United States states: "It is said in China that an umbrella was invented by the wife of the founder Carpenter, Luban, because she boasted to her husband that she could do the" walkable rooftop '. "

Hear this argument, freshly read it again, and then will smile: umbrella, actually invented by a woman! Really good! No wonder, only a woman is the umbrella of the absolute love, right? White lady's umbrella, Cezanne, Renoir women's umbrella ... ... how much reverie style, flowers for the snow to do posed by the woman, if the less that purple bamboo for handle eighty-four bone oil umbrella ... ...

Luban's wife did not even leave a name, where she lives in Lu, what kind of life? I do not know, but I would like to imagine her as a young girl, with a beautiful white face, graceful posture.

Luban is a world-renowned craftsman, he invented the saw, created the ladder ... ... is the era of diamond bachelor, the media simply broke through the threshold. However, Luban said: "If you want to be my wife, you must have the same ability to make me feel convinced." The girls have been defeated and only she came to Luban and said: "You made so much Of the pavilions, you can create a walking roof? "Luban heard a fool of yourself: the role of the roof is to shelter, let the roof walk, the house would not have to grow feet?

"If you do, then you have to pick up the big sedan to marry me, because I inspired you this unprecedented inspiration; if you can not, then you are more than three media and six 妁 to marry me, because in today's world, only I have this Survival. "Finished, she smiled, Pinaranu go.

Rivers and lakes boil first boil boil the first as Fei Peng, his eyes staggered, ax saw ruler throwing a house, always can not think of this "walking roof" is what stuff? No way, he had to keep his promise, big business, come up with a grand ceremony of the century, the "fairy lady" married back home.

Bridal chamber night, he impatiently said: "Let me see it quickly! This 'walking roof' is what thing?" The bride pouted, took a bamboo handle from the dowry box, Ge cloth to do Face of the small things, to open a hold - this upholds a sky in the history of human civilization ......

Mr. Luban was shocked by the famous name: "'Walking roof'? Hey, what is your name for this thing?" "Well, I'll call it an umbrella."

"What does it mean?" Luban asked curiously, the bride shyly said: "No reason! Because my little name is called 'three children' ... ... According to its shape, I made up such a word ... ..."

Lullab haha ​​laughed: "Three ... Umbrella ... ... interesting! Interesting! Then what is the purpose of making it, is it to marry me to marry me?"

The bride was blushing for half a day before she said: "I ... of course you're a fan, but inventing it just because I'm afraid to tan my face - use it to block the sun!"

With so knowledge, so brilliant, so creative women, invented the original intention of such a great tool, turned out to be just "afraid to face tan"!

Master Luban see the umbrella of this stuff, she gave birth to "hate iron is not steel," the sigh, "little woman ah little woman, let people take her how to do it! Out a door shopping street, while forget forgot the key for a while With a wallet, look, forget it, forget it with her umbrella to prevent the sun tan! What 'roof walking', the woman hate the face for the hate walking in the dark!

"What do you want to do when it rains? In the rain, my umbrella is not a 'walkable rooftop'?" The wife, who was born in the first place, did not say anything.

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