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Who invented the umbrella?

Time: 2016-03-18

Who invented the umbrella?



An umbrella is who invented? The invention of the time? The umbrella invented by accident? How is the invention come out? The invention of the story is what kind of?
Lu legend is a cloud wife's skillful craftsmen. The jade flocks \"also described, she is the inventor of the umbrella, first umbrella is she gave her husband to go out to the somebody else in the building houses. \"Umbrella\" word has long appear, she is probably created the can hold and umbrella.


Who invented the umbrella? To this problem has been people have art. Some said, the men of Egypt, the first to use an umbrella, as early as 1200 BC, Egypt (Egypt) nobles often go out to travel to slave (slave) as they hold the sun umbrella (parasol). The Romans used keep out the Mediterranean sun umbrella. In China, is an umbrella in A.D. 1000 by the wife of lu invented, umbrella is called \"can move house\".
In Britain, in the eighteenth century began to use an umbrella. Andrew kenaz was once the umbrella women special products, said women to love the attitude. An umbrella to stand up and say to the love yao undying devotion; Left hand open umbrella, said: \"I have no spare time now\". An umbrella move slowly, said no faith and trust; An umbrella on the right shoulder, says don't want to see you again.
Of the 19 th century man started to use an umbrella.



Because many British umbrella is British the indispensable part in life, become the traditional British way of life indicative, become London businessmen and officials will thing, the symbol of British-John bull is holding an umbrella. In literary works, in the movie is indispensable thing. Britain was established in 1969 umbrella museum. An umbrella and many types of USES. An umbrella is sometimes used as a weapon. In 1978, a are exiled Bulgaria (Bulgaria) people in Waterloo Bridge on with umbrella tip assassin stabbed, was poisoned. Some umbrella handle can be used pepper spray, forced to halt after bite. Some umbrella handles a light can convey the lighting.